Throughout his life, as a student and as a professional musician, Robert Kurz, founder of Bob's House of Basses, was continuously disappointed with the level of service he received from those in the string instrument industry. Robert's dissatisfaction drove him to create his own company strategically geared towards bass players and their specific needs. Bob's House of Basses is now one of the world's leading suppliers of bass-related products, serving customers in twenty-five countries.

Bob's House of Basses got a kick start after Robert and his wife, Anna, acquired a handful of fine and antique basses on a trip to Eastern Europe. In addition to these fine basses, Robert decided to fulfill his dream of providing quality instruments to every bassist, and entered into agreements with several prominent instrument makers and distributors. These agreements have allowed Bob's House of Basses to provide the highest quality instruments to aspiring bassists at an affordable price. Bob's is also proud to provide any and every bass-related product to our customers for a fraction of the prices of our competitors!

Bob's strives to provide personalized service and an unfailing commitment to our customers.

About Founder, Robert Kurz
Born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, Robert's musical studies began at the age of 5 learning the guitar. By the age of 10, Robert had joined a touring musical youth group called the Tamburitians. In the fifth grade, Robert began studying the double bass with John Murcko from the Youngstown Symphony. Continuing to play the double bass throughout high school, Robert set his sights on entry to college music schools, studying with Tony Bianco of the Pittsburgh Symphony. College took Mr. Kurz to Ohio, where he attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, studying with Barry Green. In the summers during college, Robert furthered his progress at the Chautauqua Institution with Curtis Burris of the National Symphony. Inspired by Mr. Burris' teaching, Robert followed him to the University of Maryland in College Park, earning his Masters Degree. After completing his studies, Robert focused his efforts on establishing his career as a professional bassist in the Washington D.C. area. Currently, Mr. Kurz is the Principal Bassist with the National Philharmonic, and he enjoys a varied teaching and performing career in the DC area. Robert lives in Glenn Dale, MD with his wife, Dr. Anna Helm Kurz, and their three boys, Sixten, Gustav, and Ludvig.