Rental Information!

Student Bass Rentals: Fractional models available in sizes 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4. Outfits available with: Cordura case and German or French bow

Rental Fees 75% of the total collected in rent can be used as a credit towards purchasing a bass at any time in the future. Insurance is included and covers all damage, but does not cover total loss.

  • Prepay 12 months, 30% discount = $798.00 ( $66.50/month)
  • Prepay 6 months, 20% discount = $456.00 ( $76.00/month)
  • Prepay 3 months, 10% discount = $256.50 ( $85.50/month)
  • Month-to-Month = $95/month
All basses are set-up in house, and can be customized to your needs. Owner, Robert Kurz, is himself a bassist, and has been helping students and professionals alike find the perfect instrument for over 15 years. Our huge selection of basses is unparalleled in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area, and we are proud to provide numerous options at all price points to our customers!

Purchase Information

Our Shen line of basses feature beginner through professional models. The Plywood Model 80 is a basic student model that comes as an outfit with a bow and protective bass bag. The Model 150 is an upgraded hybrid, or a bass that contains both hand-carved and veneer woods. Hybrid basses range in price from $2000 to $4200. The advancing student and professional models are all hand-carved and begin around $4000. Bob’s House of Basses is proud to offer all Shen model basses, as well as many fine and antique basses, for purchase.

Our Upgrade Policy

The best part about purchasing a bass from Bob’s is our ability to grow with you! At any time in the future should you decide to buy an upgraded bass from us, we will apply a credit for the full purchase price of your original instrument minus 10% towards your new instrument! As always, we will customize your set-up in our shop to ensure you are getting the best instrument for your needs!