Repair Information

Type of RepairCost
New Soundpost$75
Install and Fit Endpin$50 + parts
Install Strings$20
Clean Instrument$25
Reglue Fingerboard $75
New Machine Heads$50 + parts
F-hole Crack$100
New Saddle $75
Soundpost Patch, Top$1,200
Soundpost Patch, Top$1,200
Replace Upper or Lower Block$600 (min)
Bridge - Student w/o wheels$150
Bridge - Professional w/ wheels$250
Glue Top Cracks$25
Remove and Replace Top$550
Remove and Replace Back$550
New Bass Bar$1,000
Bow Rehair$55
Reset Neck$250 (min)
New Nut$85
Soundpost Patch, Back $1,400
Scroll Graft$1500 (min)
Shape Neck $300
Evaluations & Appraisals$25-$75
Shorten Ribs$400